Onto Another Chapter

i·tin·er·ant [ahy-tin-er-uh nt, ih-tin-] noun a person who alternates between working and wandering. a person who travels from place to place, especially for duty or business. Another chapter is coming to an end. We are moving on. Our itinerant lifestyle has come out of hiding and we are packing our bags, boxes, ute and trailer. ThisContinue reading “Onto Another Chapter”

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Ringers From The Facebook

We all love social media. There is no doubt about it. It is rare these days to meet someone and not connect with them on Facebook or Twitter at some point. Even remote stations now have internet access via satellite. It is more common to send an e-mail or Facebook message than pick up the phoneContinue reading “Ringers From The Facebook”

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Three Frequent Leftovers & What To Do With Them

Working on a busy cattle station as the cook has taught me a lot of lessons. One of them is waste not want not. Out here we don’t have the luxury of running down to a shop every five minutes.  If we run out of something or if something doesn’t turn out right we mayContinue reading “Three Frequent Leftovers & What To Do With Them”

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We Won Lunch with Sammy & Bella from MKR!!!!

I love watching MKR (My Kitchen Rules) It is a brilliant and I watched the first two seasons without so much as missing an episode. This year’s show I didn’t get to see many episodes, one of the down sides of our nomadic lifestyle (actually life without TV is  a good thing really) Who wouldContinue reading “We Won Lunch with Sammy & Bella from MKR!!!!”

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Soundtracks Of Our Travels

Travelling in the car almost everyday we get to listen to a tonne of music. Which is great because Shaun and I both love our music. We do have varying tastes but we do share some middle ground. Our differing taste finds with an interesting and vast mix on our Ipod. We have compiled aContinue reading “Soundtracks Of Our Travels”

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The Rough Plan for the Next 10,000ks

We still have months left working away here in Griffith and we are already itching to get back on the road for more adventure. Here is some of the places we want to visit drive through on our next leg of the trip: Mildura Wentworth Darling River Run (4WD Track) Menindee Lakes Broken Hill TibooburraContinue reading “The Rough Plan for the Next 10,000ks”

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The Good, The Bad and the God Damn Ugly (Part 1)

This post is our personal opinions only. As we found while travelling around ask for people’s advice, take it with a grain of salt, do it anyway and find out for yourself. If you listen to what everyone else says you would just stay at home. One person’s idea of a crappy caravan is yourContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and the God Damn Ugly (Part 1)”

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