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Our Aussie Bucket List – A Work in Progress

Check out our new page and tell us where to go:


Our Aussie Bucket List – A Work in Progress.

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A Flying Doctor


Some of the doctors in Australia have wings. They can fly and I mean really fly.

In planes…… 

You didn’t think I actually meant they could flap their own wings did you?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia was started by Reverend John  Flynn back in 1928. Initially, named the Australian Inland Mission Aerial Medical Service they were based in Clonclurry, QLD with one pilot and one doctor. He never would have thought all these years later Australia would be serviced nation-wide by a fleet of over 60 planes carrying doctors and nurses to remote, rural and regional Australia.

Last year 90,000 patients were consulted and more than 5000 remote clinics were operated by the RFDS.

Without donations this would not be possible so please help keep our doctors flying by DONATING NOW.

Your donation helps with fitting out RFDS aircraft, vital medical equipment, funding essential health services and emergency medical services.

Become an everyday hero today!

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Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

Food, cooking and general stores play a major role in your trip preparation. The “Keep it simple stupid” premise comes to mind. Heading off the beaten track with limited space does not automatically mean you need to pack only dehydrated food and eat dry powder out of the packet and wash it down with a swig of water.

However, you do need to think outside the square.

Here is some hints and tips to get you thinking.

  • Store water in multiple containers to avoid contamination or complete loss of total water supply.
Water Filter
Water Filter
  • Dehydration can wreak havoc all year round. Powerade or similar is a perfect addition as it now comes in the powder form which takes up less space in your stores.
  • Use Baby Wipes/Sanitiser to cut down on your water usage.
  • Select compact cooking equipment that has multiple uses. I.E a gas stove with a grill feature (which creates a BBQ and stove in one)
  • Take-away containers are great for storing leftovers for lunch the next day as are heavy-duty snap lock bags.
  • Bring a Thermos. This allows you to boil water in the morning and already have the water ready for smoko time for those quick stops
  • A camp oven while not essential is great for camp fire cooking. 😉
Camp Oven in the Fire
Camp Oven in the Fire
  • A piece of weld mesh folded over with a piece wire extended makes the perfect toaster.
  • Use natural cleaners to limit impact on environment and use products with dual uses.
  • Don’t forget cleaning cloths and tea-towels. Paper towels are perfect.
  • Meat is best purchased Cryovaced or cyrovac yourself. This not only means it will last longer but you will avoid blood running through your fridge.
  • Spirits in bottles take up less space than pre-mixed cans and beer when it comes to alcohol.
  • A billy is perfect for both boiling water for tea/coffee, using as a saucepan and also to for boiling water for washing up.
Our Camp Oven
Our Camp Oven & Billy
  • Don’t forget matches, a gas lighter and fire starters.
  • Aluminium foil is a god send multiple uses – use instead of saucepan lids too
  • Dried spices add to taste and don’t take up a lot of space.
  • You can double a sauce-pan or similar for mixing bowl.
  • Come up with a list of basic meals pre-departure and make sure you have the basic ingredients.
Food Drawer Stocked!!
Food Drawer Stocked!!
  • Longlife milk and/or powder is great and also long life cream. These can be purchased in small 6 packs as well for less wastage.
  • Washing up bucket can be utilised in your vehicle for storage during the travel.
  • Long-Life fruit and veggies that travel well include potatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes(if padded to avoid bruises)
  • Don’t forget washing and washing up…. a small container of washing up powder and washing up detergent… unfortunately holidays still include household duties of doing the laundry and washing the dishes.To be continued……

Please add your hints below.

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Funding the Dream

Funding The Dream
Funding The Dream

We have travelled in debt in the past and would love to travel debt free in the future.

That is our plan. Can we do it? Of course! Will itchy feet push us on regardless. Who knows.

We don’t regret throwing in the towel when we did, selling everything, buying a new car and hitting the road. We were young (still are) and wanted to be free. We wanted instant gratification. Are we older, wiser, smarter? We’d like to think so but if push came to shove, probably not…….. we have a life full of knee-jerk reactions resulting in good decisions and bad….. but our life is an adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The work we picked up along the way would have made much more impact on our back pocket if we had not been sinking most our funds into our car loan. Our loan repayments were substantial at approximately a minimum of $250 a week. It was quite manageable when we had steady income however, not so manageable while flitting about the country side. We never missed a payment but it did make us think about when our next lot of work was coming along. In our favour it did allow us to run a very reliable vehicle. If we didn’t have the car loan in 10 weeks travelling alone we could have had an additional $2500 spendings/savings. That is a lot of cash while travelling. A LOT!

As mentioned we are aiming to one day travel debt free so we need to look at ways to reduce our debt down to nothing while still being able to live and explore from our current base.

Let us share some of our hints and tips with you.

  • We have a high-interest savings account with ING and every extra cent goes in there.
  • We try to pay bills on time to avoid late fees and bundle what we can together.
  • Each loan repayment we pay is higher than the minimum which means we are always in front of our loan. We won’t let it break us.
  • We apply Tax Return payments and any unexpected cash straight to your loan.
  • Tighten the budget. It’s amazing what we can go without……and most you don’t even miss them.

We have found when we put our minds to it we can get money stashed and quickly.

Please share your ways to stash your money and get things paid off quick sticks?

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Mozzies – Oh My, Bugs – Oh Boy, Flies – Oh F!!!!

Help Me!!

I want, no I need ALL your DIY solutions to the above. 

Millions of Mozzies, Bugs and Flies are sending me batty. I’m fine with them outside, well as close to fine as I am ever going to be! But inside, INSIDE!!! At night we are captives in our own home. 

Here’s what we have tried so far:

  • Citronella Candles
  • Mozzie Coils
  • Fly/Surface Spray
  • Only having a few lights on
  • Fresh herbs in the kitchen (to repel flies)
  • Mozzie Repellant – by the truck-load. Both bought and home-made.

So I’ve taken to the internet and found some other solutions. Which I am trying as I type: i.e Cayenne Pepper Spray and Fresh Basil hanging from the doors. 

Send in your solutions and home remedies!

The Rural Wife x


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Searching for GUEST bloggers!

Hi Everyone,

We are searching for some guest bloggers to contribute to Norris Around Australia!

This would be ideal for other travellers to showcase their stories so far, highlight favourite destinations, profile camping set ups and so forth.

It is also a great opportunity for tourism operators or locality’s to share with travellers why our readers should visit their part of the Australia.

Suppliers can also profile their business and what they can offer travellers just like us!

We look forward your ideas and submissions. Please forward to

Sarah and Shaun
Norris Around Australia

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200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….

A very contentious issue still plays out every day in the heart of Australia. Should the Uluru climb be closed to the public, should it remain a choice or it should it be continue as is?

My personal opinion is a firm and whole-hearted we shouldn’t climb it.

Even if you are pro-climb please hear (read) me out. It’s not about taking something away from the public or locking something up. It should of never been allowed in the first place. Respect for culture is a major player in the debate. However, we also need to look at this issue environmentally, the impact we are having on this sacred and wonderful place.  

Travellers need to change their mind-set when planning their life-changing trip to Uluru. Instead of seeing it as something to conquer like climbing Mt Kosciusko or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it needs to be  seen as the natural and cultural wonder that it is. It needs to been something that is seen and felt.

Uluru has international attention as a holiday destination with the major sales point being to climb the world’s largest “ROCK”.  It should be promoted world-wide as the magnificent wonder. Something to admire for its utter beauty. I’ve visited three times now and it still takes my breath away. I’ve seen people shed a tear when they see it for the first time. As a natural and cultural place it is amazing in itself. It doesn’t require a sales hook or to offer something for the thrill seekers.  Not only is it of great cultural significance to Indigenious Australians but also to Australian’s as a whole. It really is the heart of this vast brown land and can still be a major draw card for tourists without the climb. Viewing these wonders, walking through and around Uluru and Kata-Tjuta is awe-inspiring. There are many other tourist attractions like the Sounds of Silence Dinner, camel treks and walking tours which are low impact on the environment and that are culturally appreciative.

The draw-card to Uluru is Uluru itself not the view of the surrounding area (as beautiful as it is). There are many tourist flight operators who can provide a birds-eye view. There is no point in climbing it other than the achievement of completing the climb. We should be impacting on the Rock as little as possible. I was disgusted to hear when speaking with a Park Ranger that the worst part of their job was removing rubbish from the top of the climb. Litter is bad but defecation and toilet paper is the majority of rubbish found! What is wrong with the general public? People have no respect and unfortunately this ruins it for others that are trying to do the right thing.

On a more somber note, to date 37 lives have been lost attempting to climb Uluru. This has led to the Coroner putting restrictions on when the climb can be opened. For example, if high winds or high temperatures are predicted for that day the climb is closed at 7am. This should only have a little impact on closing the climb. Yes, it is very sad but while it should contribute to the decision it should not be the major player. To preserve Uluru both culturally and environmentally is PARAMOUNT.

On a final note, I believe that a stronger promotion and education of Uluru has a natural and cultural wonder is key. If it is promoted in this light and tourists are educated they will make come to the decision themselves. So while I believe we shouldn’t climb it and wouldn’t support those who would go ahead and climb. I support the Park and the community with closing the climb. It all comes down to education prior to action.

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