A Flying Doctor

Some of the doctors in Australia have wings. They can fly and I mean really fly. In planes……  You didn’t think I actually meant they could flap their own wings did you? The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia was started by Reverend John  Flynn back in 1928. Initially, named the Australian Inland Mission Aerial MedicalContinue reading “A Flying Doctor”

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Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

Food, cooking and general stores play a major role in your trip preparation. The “Keep it simple stupid” premise comes to mind. Heading off the beaten track with limited space does not automatically mean you need to pack only dehydrated food and eat dry powder out of the packet and wash it down with a swigContinue reading “Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One”

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Funding the Dream

We have travelled in debt in the past and would love to travel debt free in the future. That is our plan. Can we do it? Of course! Will itchy feet push us on regardless. Who knows. We don’t regret throwing in the towel when we did, selling everything, buying a new car and hittingContinue reading “Funding the Dream”

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Mozzies – Oh My, Bugs – Oh Boy, Flies – Oh F!!!!

Help Me!! I want, no I need ALL your DIY solutions to the above.  Millions of Mozzies, Bugs and Flies are sending me batty. I’m fine with them outside, well as close to fine as I am ever going to be! But inside, INSIDE!!! At night we are captives in our own home.  Here’s whatContinue reading “Mozzies – Oh My, Bugs – Oh Boy, Flies – Oh F!!!!”

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Searching for GUEST bloggers!

Hi Everyone, We are searching for some guest bloggers to contribute to Norris Around Australia! This would be ideal for other travellers to showcase their stories so far, highlight favourite destinations, profile camping set ups and so forth. It is also a great opportunity for tourism operators or locality’s to share with travellers why ourContinue reading “Searching for GUEST bloggers!”

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200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….

A very contentious issue still plays out every day in the heart of Australia. Should the Uluru climb be closed to the public, should it remain a choice or it should it be continue as is? My personal opinion is a firm and whole-hearted we shouldn’t climb it. Even if you are pro-climb please hearContinue reading “200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….”

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