about us

Who are we?

We are a couple in our early thirties who love getting out there and seeing Australia.

Way back in 2011 we packed up our everyday life back and hit the road.. The normal life achievements weren’t doing it for us. We were happy newly-weds, had good careers, a lovely house and everything a young couple could ask for…….but we wanted more……and we were restless.

We quit our careers …… cue crocodile tears.

We sold up everything we owned ……. cue minor tears.

We left behind our families, friends and beloved petcat ……. cue heavy sobbing.

All so we could throw caution to the wind and set out on the trip of a lifetime.

An all Aussie adventure; travelling and working around our beautiful and vast continent.  We figured a year or two would be our limit and thought we would be settled back into our old life.  Alas,  destiny or whatever is out there had other ideas. Five years on the road and we have settled in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW…..for now.

We are a plant with shallow roots which is easily relocated.

Roughing It

Let’s go back to the beginning:

We were married in January 2010 and set out officially in 2011 after various short term trips. We thought marriage was an adventure – but life on the road well that takes adventure to a whole new level. Check out our actual home on the road here. Shaun is a qualified Boilermaker and loves everything mechanical and Sarah qualified in Comms, Relations and Marketing who loves all things photography and writing. Together we love travelling, camping, four-wheel driving, hiking and exploring our country – every single inch of it.

Our travels began as a quest to find a place to call home, to settle down and raise a family. The only problem was our nomadic lifestyle became so addictive, and now we have ‘settled’ our life is never going to be ordinary, it is going to be extraordinary!

We started our blog for the following three reasons:

1. to document and share our travels

2. to share our travel tips, tricks and secrets to our loyal followers and visitors


3. because we believe that Australia is THE destination – it has everything the keen traveller needs; from the coast to the outback, the desert to the rainforest, from the city to the sea, Australia has so much to offer. Whether you’re backpacker, a millionaire, a family, a single-person, a twenty-something,  a grey nomad or anyone else you really need to see it for yourself. You simply must SEE AUSTRALIA.

We are currently based in Northern NSW. At every opportunity we hit the open road to explore Australia.


We work to live, not live to work. 


Aussie Map.jpg

67 thoughts on “about us

  1. Awesome dudes….

    Have a fabulous and absolutlely safe adventure….

    Let your journey begin………………………..


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Travel is amazing and the people and experiances you will never get if you stay in one spot. One absolutely essential thing we had with us was the “travellers bible” Camps Australia wide,It lists all the free and cheap camping spots around Aus, invaluable. We always found people camping in the “freebies” to be more friendly and spent many happy hours around shared campfires.We wish you an awesome year of travel in 2012

    1. we have both a hard copy and a digital copy of the CAMPS Aust. Wide. It is fantastic. My husband and I love free camping. There are some nice Caravan Parks around and we do like stopping there now and then for those extra luxuries; washing machines, hot water and maybe even a pool. But our most favourite campsites are the free out in the bush campsites. Just you and a million stars. AMAZING. You can’t buy that anywhere.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be interested to read about your journey as we will be travelling up to Northern Western Australia later this year for a holiday, so looking out for tips on things to see and do.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I have already travelled up to North Western WA. It is truly amazing. Both the desert and the WA coastline are must sees. Tomorrow I will send you a list of places to see and things to do if you would like! When are you heading up there?

    1. Hi Louis,

      Your project sounds fantastic. All the best with you venture. I wish you every success.

      G’Day from Australia.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It was a big thing to take the leap but now that we have done it I wouldn’t have it any other way. This lifestyle is ADDICTIVE!

  4. Hi there, Thanks for liking my blog (blazingmyowntrails). I (Shawn) read your your story to my wife (Sarah) and our jaws dropped, not to mention really appreciating your journey. We traveled, camped, hiked, photographed a lot before kids and now we are on a slow down with our two little girls but not for long. Maybe we’ll start another blog about traveling the countryside WITH kids. Best of luck to you both and looking forward to your adventures.

  5. Hi There, Thank you for stopping by my blog on Lifexchange Campus. As someone who has traveled to 19 countries (and cannot wait to add to that number) I know how incredible it is to create the life you love. I am so excited to read about your journey. Thanks for posting…Shari

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write a comment. It is one BIG adventure. I love writing knowing people are following our story.

  6. You have to live your dreams, and make the most of what you can achieve, everyone is different and has their own special ideas and dreams.

    Whatever they are; following them is one of the ways life makes you smile!

    Enjoy your travels and the inspiration it will bring to others!

    Me and my Moose.

  7. THAT’S AMAZING!!! It’s exactly what we are doing! Jobs quit, freshly wedded and loving the gypsy lifestyle!! I hope you find our Blog useful. I’m having a peruse of yours this evening with a cup of tea in hand! We are currently stranded in Melbourne as our faithful 4wd ‘Betty’ gets fixed, she needed her engine re-building unfortunately! All part of the adventure though!

    Anyways, happy travels guys! Loving life! X

    1. Ooo stranded in Melbourne is not a bad thing. Did you know there is a camping show on there in 2 weeks time. It’s the biggest in the Southern Hempishere. We are heading down there for 4-5 days over that period to upgrade a few things. How long have you been on the road? If you give me the link to your blog I can add it to my links on ours. Hope “Betty” get’s better soon.

  8. hi there! I LOVE your blog and I’m getting really excited for you reading the list of places you are going to see. You asked for some feedback on places to stay etc. on the way, I would love to help as i have been to a majority of the places. Is it possible to email you and what exactly would you like to know ? I do believe a big part of the trip should go unplanned for the best results 😉


  9. Sounds fantastic! Nothing could beat the nomadic lifestyle. My boyfriend Sam (also a boilermaker) and I have just bought a 1963 VW Beetle and are getting it ready for similar adventures. First up is the Simpson Desert. We can’t wait! I don’t think we’re ready to quit our jobs and take to the road like you guys just yet though. Happy adventuring! If you’re ever in Birdsville, drop into the Roadhouse where we both work. Cheers, Kelly

    1. We will be in Birdsville within a few weeks actually. 🙂
      For our third visit within 18 months! We love it there. We love the Simpson also. What lead you to Birdsville?

      1. Fantastic! You’ll have to come and introduce yourselves. I’ve only just found your blog but already am loving it and finding lots of inspiration to get out there in the volksie. I moved to Birdsville on a whim after finishing uni but Sam was more or less born here. Are you heading through the desert again?See you soon!

      2. from here (Griffith, NSW) we head to the Flinders Ranges, Up the Birdsville Track (if it is open to 4WD’s – weather permitting) and then onto the Plenty Highway where we are going to work for 3 mths or so on a cattle station. I bet you are finding Birdsville very interesting to relocate there) I read your blog also – just imagine the adventures you will have once the “volksie” is ready!!!

  10. Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Fantastic.I am so looking forward to the various installments of your adventure. Thankyou for the following and look forward to reading more posts as they happen.

    1. That’s the plan. We will travel with our children one day but not full-time… well we don’t think we will. Who knows.

    1. Hi Shantelle,
      Thanks for stopping by and having a read. We are glad you like our writing styles and photos. We have indeed visited your site and look forward to follow your adventures not long to go until you head off!! Let the countdown begin 🙂

  12. Something I wanted to do here in the US with my hubby before we had kids, but he nixed the whole idea. I doubt now I will ever get to Australia, so I will just tag along and see it through your eyes. Wishing you both joy and great adventure!

  13. You have seen some lovely places so far. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of your adventure. Thanks for visiting and following Miscellaneous Eclectica. I hope you like my bits and pieces.

  14. Wow, that sounds like a great journey! We did the same thing- quit our jobs and gave up our home and went traveling for a year. Now we have permanent jobs again, but our adventure hasn’t stopped! Just because you settle down doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore 🙂 Enjoy your journey and stay safe!

  15. By the way – settling down is not a prerequisite to raise a family. I think raising children while travelling Australia would be awesome. They profit so much from the interaction with nature, other people and the closeness of the family. Perhaps once they reach school age it is time to settle down. On the other hand there is always home schooling.
    I have met people travelling in Northern Africa with 5 year old children. The children were so open minded, interested in anything around them – so different to the boring kids you meet normally.

  16. What a great adventure! We traveled with a caravan and 4 wheel drive around Australia in 1995 (up Cape York to the Tip – from Melbourne, back through outback NSW to home. In 1997 up to Darwin via Alice Springs, then to Halls Gap, Broome and surrounds, down to Port Hedland then on down to Perth on the inland route (fascinating) and back across the Nullabor Plains, Adelaide, to home. We camped in the Bungle Bungles, very rough road in, in those days. Wonderful. So go everywhere you can while you can, there are so many unforgettable places in this land. Thanks for reading/looking at my blog. (I am only learning some aspects of my computer!)

  17. Need to sit down and show hubby your site! We have done, and are doing a lot of travelling and seen some amazing places, but the aim is to eventually take off on an extended trip around Australia, like you’ve done. So far, 8 weeks at a time or shorter is all we’ve managed. Look forward to reading your adventures and getting even more inspired! We’ve been to many of the places on your bucket list so if you have any questions, just ask us …. you are already following us too, so hopefully we can help each other. Safe Travels, George & Shelly

    1. Hi Shelly and George, Thanks for stopping by our website. We love sharing our travel tales with like minded people! All we aim to do is share and inspire!

  18. G’day S&S,
    Just returned from a net free month in the country, and noticed you have been gracing my site with your presence as well as noting a follow, for which I thank you , you have an interesting site here , one I plan t return too as soon as I catch up on what else I have missed on W/P 🙂

  19. I’m always envious of those who can do this sort of thing. Of course, I’d join you, but that isn’t possible, unfortunately. As long as the photos you share with us are not the stock-standard boring typical touristy image, then I’ll be happy to visit you regularly to follow and, thereby, participate in your journey. Sarah, I’m looking forward to seeing your photographic skill. According to the map above, there isn’t much left of Australia for you to see *nudge nudge wink wink. Cheers from Downunder (Melbourne that is…). ;O)

  20. G’day Sarah & Shaun,
    Great site! We’re about to take off for the next couple of years on our adventure around this great country. March 19th. We pick up the camper next week. Like you, we want to blog our trip mostly for the kids.
    I have a question which I’m sure I read on the site but can no longer find it – but what tools did you use to plot your travels on the map at the near top of this page.

    1. How exciting! Good on you! We simply use paint in Windows to plot out maps. However, there are numerous apps which you can use now to plot your travels. There is even an app in Google maps you can use!

  21. This is a great post. It reminds of trips with my family and friends before. We often do this nowadays. But we are planning to do it again this summer. Thank you for the inspiration!

  22. This is nice!! It reminds me of our family trips back then, all the happy memories and fun stuff. We are planning to have a trip again this summer.

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  24. I love this. I’m (late) 50 something Tasmanian and I wish I’d done exactly this way back then. I still camp as much as possible and I write a few blog posts on it myself. But I do have a lot of places left to visit in Tassie. Then maybe I can consider getting about the big island above us 🙂

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  26. G’day mate. In the form of not trying to sound too cheesy your trip sounds great.
    I know some might classify this as spam but here I go anyway. A couple of colleagues and I from Melbourne started a travel website thats trying to collaborate with businesses, locals and travellers to offer the most unique and coolest things to see and do around the world. And for people to also add their awesome trips to our site so people can fellow their progress. If your at all interested in working with us or if anyone reading this wants to check out our travel site it’s http://www.hopolla.com. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone the best of travels.

  27. Hello Sarah and Shaun … how delightful … there is over 50 years difference in our ages apparently. We too travel Australia, but only for the 8 cold or cooler months. We own a motorhome and have a particular passion in life. It is to help fellow travellers save a motza on their BOTTLED GAS needs. This desire to help folk save money started in 2014 on our first major journey from coastal NSW to WA and return. Because we had two brand new 9kg gas bottles we wanted to refill, not swap. As no price service existed to help us find cheap gas, our five refills averaged $34.00 each. Ridiculous! There had to be a better way. The solution seemed to be a Facebook group with members supplying locations of cheap gas right round Oz. Because of the success of that site, our next journey saw us refill seven times at an average cost of $19.02. Three years down the track that Facebook site has been replaced with a website listing over 3,000 locations selling gas priced from $12 to $75 for a 9kg refill or swap. So Sarah and Shaun, you and your army of blog followers are guaranteed to save a motza on your future gas purchases if you click on http://www.gasbottlerefills.com

    1. Hi Gordon,
      I have a neighbour who has the same name and we are located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Canada. We are all in our late 50’s-70’s.. Amazing.!
      I will be coming to AU in April and want to do a trip across the Nullarbor Plain to Perth from either Sydney or Melbourne by camper or motorhome. As you know, these vehicles are restricted to paved/bitumen roads. In any case, this will likely be the last trip to AU for me to see the sights, hear the sounds and view the images of some of the western outback,

      1. Bill … today’s date is 26 March 2018 and I have only just seen your message to me on Sarah and Shaun’s blog “Norris Around Australia”. If I am reading your message correctly, you will be here in Australia very soon. We live on the NSW mid-north coast halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. It sounds as though you may not get to our neck of the woods, but if you do, we would be happy to meet you. Our personal email is (and you have to remove any spaces which are there to foil the r obot s) c o m p b r e d@g m a i l . c o m

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