Five Million Star Cooking

One of my favourite things while living on the road is the fact that normal, mundane chores don’t feel like mundane chores, in fact most of the time it’s a novelty or even a tonne of fun. For example, hanging out clothes in the middle of the Simpson Desert on a rope strung between two trees or in a caravan park with a back drop of King’s Canyon.

Hanging out with a view is so not a chore.

Cooking dinner under 5 million stars is so much better than cooking dinner a kitchen. We find we eat so much heartier and healthier while on the road. I think it is because you have to plan meals and groceries in advance. When you are in the middle of nowhere you can’t just pop out and get an ingredient you have forgotten.

Groceries in the Outback

We have to eat more filling meals while on the road as our days are full of hiking and exploring. We need the stamina to make it through each exciting, new day.

Stoking the Fire
Cooking on the Road

My secret weapon for cooking while travelling is our traditional camp oven.  Whenever we can have a camp fire we use the camp oven for tea. Everything tastes so much better in the camp oven. There is something about cooking on hot coals. Yum

Our Camp Oven

Our favourite camp dinners include:


Damper in the Camp Oven

Moroccan Lamb

Beef & Vege Stew


Chilli Con Carne

Camp Oven Pizza

Corned Beef

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

The other important piece of cooking equipment we have is the griddle that sits over the burners of our gas stove. We use this as a BBQ which makes for simple dinners after long days on the road. We normally have steak with salad or vegetables. We will be including photographs of our meals and recipes to share on the blog going forward.

5 Million Star Camp Dinner



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3 thoughts on “Five Million Star Cooking

    1. Thanks for your comment Jenna. It is true when you are on the road ordinary things seems so exciting. I have fond memories of arriving in Birdsville after adventures in the Simpson and down to Cordillo Downs, filling up about 3 washing machines and hanging them all out in the Birdsville Caravan Park. Pure bliss. Even washing up after dinner feels more rewarding on the road.

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