Self-Prepping for your BIG trip

We are well-practiced at trip preparation. The vehicle is always primped and preened, our camping supplies are continuously stockpiled but what about us? Are we always ready? I don’t know about you but there is so much incentive to up the health antics before embarking on an adventure. Obviously, we should try to lead healthy lives consistently but life get’sContinue reading “Self-Prepping for your BIG trip”

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Life on the Road Wouldn’t be the Same Without……..

Originally posted on Norris Around Australia:
There are many different things you need to live comfortably on the road. Somewhere to sleep, shower, cook and of course a lot of storage space. At the moment we sleep in our Oz Tent, we shower using a 12 volt shower system and we cook using our double…

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Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

Food, cooking and general stores play a major role in your trip preparation. The “Keep it simple stupid” premise comes to mind. Heading off the beaten track with limited space does not automatically mean you need to pack only dehydrated food and eat dry powder out of the packet and wash it down with a swigContinue reading “Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One”

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Three Frequent Leftovers & What To Do With Them

Working on a busy cattle station as the cook has taught me a lot of lessons. One of them is waste not want not. Out here we don’t have the luxury of running down to a shop every five minutes.  If we run out of something or if something doesn’t turn out right we mayContinue reading “Three Frequent Leftovers & What To Do With Them”

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Fresh Faces of Camp Oven Cooking

One boy, a father of two with a crazy resume that lists stilt walking and fire twirling as two of his previous occupations. It is now Michael’s self-employed day job at Dracula’s pays the bills. Another boy, a bachelor with 2 plates and over 20 screws holding him together after a critical motorbike accident. Nick’sContinue reading “Fresh Faces of Camp Oven Cooking”

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A New Arrival

The other day some of the worker’s headed to Linda Downs (owned by the same people) to muster. They were gone overnight leaving a few of us behind to enjoy the peace and quiet. It made dinner time a breeze with less mouths to feed which for me meant less time in the kitchen. WhenContinue reading “A New Arrival”

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My Days as a Cattle Station Cook

The buzzer goes off and I groggily swing my legs off the bed. Ouch I smack my feet on the plastic box, our make shift bedside table and clothes storage. It’s pitch black outside and as I step out into the fresh morning air I gaze up. The sky is clear bathed in a millionContinue reading “My Days as a Cattle Station Cook”

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From the Camp Kitchen: Chunky Plum Jam

I love home-made jam. This one is simple – roughly for every two kilo’s of plums, mix three cups of castor sugar and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. For this batch I made several bottles with a chunkier version for Shaun and a few of bottles of smooth conserve.

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From the Camp Kitchen: Moroccan Lamb Shanks

One of my favourite Sunday dinners is Lamb Shanks of any style. Moroccan style though takes them to a whole new level. Delicious! And it’s so simple and easy while camping. Brown the Shanks in a fry pan and transfer to slow cooker, camp oven or crock pot. In the fry pan fry off some squashedContinue reading “From the Camp Kitchen: Moroccan Lamb Shanks”

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From The Camp Kitchen: Golden Syrup Pudding

Now that is starting to get a bit chilly it’s nice to have a sweet treat that warms you from the inside out. I love golden syrup it’s flavour is delicious and moorish. I normally have it on fresh damper or scones but my love of golden syrup led me to experiment with different recipesContinue reading “From The Camp Kitchen: Golden Syrup Pudding”

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