We Won Lunch with Sammy & Bella from MKR!!!!

I love watching MKR (My Kitchen Rules) It is a brilliant and I watched the first two seasons without so much as missing an episode. This year’s show I didn’t get to see many episodes, one of the down sides of our nomadic lifestyle (actually life without TV is  a good thing really) Who would have thought when I was watching the Finale of Season Two where the Polish Sisters, Sammy & Bella won that a year or so later I would be sitting down to a fully catered lunch with them and a few of my family members.

Please be seated
Waiting for the girls to arrive

I am a firm believer that things happen for reason and from little things big things grow. We pre-purchased the first four tickets to La Festa and went into the draw to win a lunch with Sammy & Bella catered by Dolce Dolce Cafe and we won. I’m not the kind of person who wins many things. It was a fluke that’s for sure. We had a fantastic meal and the girls were wonderful to talk to, down to Earth and beautiful.

One thing I learnt during the lunch was that passion knows no bounds. By this I mean that the girl’s passion for food is infectious and it spread around the table like wildfire. I believe our passion for our nomadic lifestyle did the same. When someone talks about something they are truly passionate about you want to listen, you want to learn and you want to explore their ideas. I did in fact came home and cooked that night and all the next day.

I want to thank Sammy & Bella for taking the time out of their busy schedule to answer all our questions and share a lovely lunch with us. I also want to thank Dolce Dolce for their beautiful catered lunch. It was delicious. Most of all I want to thank the organisers of the 2012 Steggles La Festa for not only giving us a fantastic prize but also for putting on a great festival. We had a beautiful time.

Winners are Grinners
Norris Around Australia with Sammy & Bella

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One thought on “We Won Lunch with Sammy & Bella from MKR!!!!

  1. Hi guys! it was awesome to spend time relaxing in the sunshine, eating delicious food and gas bagging about anything and everything. Good luck with your travels! xoxo Sammy and Bella

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