Nomadic to Settled in 1 Easy Step

Well after three years of Norris Around Australia we are putting the brakes on. What an amazing life full of adventure and experiences that can never be erased.

Don’t worry it’s not over completely. We already have many shorter (shorter than 3 years anyway) trips planned over the coming years including a Cape Trip, the Kimberley’s, The Simpson and so much more. The blog will continue to document our travels and stories of our fellow travellers, living the dream. 

Now the title of this blog post is “Nomadic to Settled in 1 Easy Step” and I stretched poetic justice to it’s full extent. We have been at our new home for 1 week now and a million steps led us to here. Packing up, Moving, Unpacking, Re-Packing, Purchasing, Packing again, Moving, Un-Packing (never finished) It won’t be easy after living on the road to call one place home. 

However, a new chapter is about to begin. What better way to share my stories than with a new, exciting Blog. PLUS a NEW online service that is going to assist all the people I have met along the road and on the stations, properties and farms we’ve had the honour of working on across this vast, brown land. Stay tuned to Norris Around Australia for the launch date and details for the new blog! 

I look forward to sharing how we go from our Nomadic life to a settled life. One thing I can say it is very lovely to have somewhere to call home and no longer have to write our address as: N.F.A.



6 thoughts on “Nomadic to Settled in 1 Easy Step

    1. Our current piece of heaven is in South West QLD near Roma. Currently enjoying nice green grass after Santa brought us some rain for Christmas. Planning a trip for the middle of year so stay tuned 🙂

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