Living the Dream

What is living the dream?

Is it the Great Australian Dream of owning a house, raising a family and having a successful career?

Or is it being happy? Pursuing what you want to pursue? When you want to pursue it?

Who know’s what they want? Really? Who? Tell me?

I sure don’t. I love the idea of stability and striving for something whether that be a home to call yours or a successful career. However, I don’t think I am capable of true stability. Home to me is Australia. Not really one particular part of Australia but Australia. Over the past few years we have “lived” in all states and territories bar Tasmania and the ACT. I try to pick where we would live “forever” and I can’t. I’m not in LOVE with one particular place…. but with many. A successful career is doing something that makes me happy. It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in that particular career path or if society looks down it’s noses at that point in time. Work to live, not live to work comes to mind.

Our great Australian dream is travelling Australia. Covering every inch of our vast continent and experience as many versions of Australia as possible. What is your great Australian Dream? We would love for you to share below in the comments.

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Published by S and S

Following our dreams and seeing Australia one trip at a time.

4 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Wonderful to do. We have seen much of Aus but a year of travel is more thorough, and gives more pics. You should enjoy much of my Beautiful Series as it covers many aspects of our country. My daughter and her husband are doing this right now, with two children. They call it a Gap Year. We hope to eventually also.

    1. Yes. Travelling full-time and staying places for longer gives you a real sense of each destination and creates a more memorable journey. Good on you daughter and her husband for taking a gap year. It is an amazing journey. We hope you get out there soon and enjoy all Australia has to give you.

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