Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

Food, cooking and general stores play a major role in your trip preparation. The “Keep it simple stupid” premise comes to mind. Heading off the beaten track with limited space does not automatically mean you need to pack only dehydrated food and eat dry powder out of the packet and wash it down with a swig of water.

However, you do need to think outside the square.

Here is some hints and tips to get you thinking.

  • Store water in multiple containers to avoid contamination or complete loss of total water supply.
Water Filter
Water Filter
  • Dehydration can wreak havoc all year round. Powerade or similar is a perfect addition as it now comes in the powder form which takes up less space in your stores.
  • Use Baby Wipes/Sanitiser to cut down on your water usage.
  • Select compact cooking equipment that has multiple uses. I.E a gas stove with a grill feature (which creates a BBQ and stove in one)
  • Take-away containers are great for storing leftovers for lunch the next day as are heavy-duty snap lock bags.
  • Bring a Thermos. This allows you to boil water in the morning and already have the water ready for smoko time for those quick stops
  • A camp oven while not essential is great for camp fire cooking. 😉
Camp Oven in the Fire
Camp Oven in the Fire
  • A piece of weld mesh folded over with a piece wire extended makes the perfect toaster.
  • Use natural cleaners to limit impact on environment and use products with dual uses.
  • Don’t forget cleaning cloths and tea-towels. Paper towels are perfect.
  • Meat is best purchased Cryovaced or cyrovac yourself. This not only means it will last longer but you will avoid blood running through your fridge.
  • Spirits in bottles take up less space than pre-mixed cans and beer when it comes to alcohol.
  • A billy is perfect for both boiling water for tea/coffee, using as a saucepan and also to for boiling water for washing up.
Our Camp Oven
Our Camp Oven & Billy
  • Don’t forget matches, a gas lighter and fire starters.
  • Aluminium foil is a god send multiple uses – use instead of saucepan lids too
  • Dried spices add to taste and don’t take up a lot of space.
  • You can double a sauce-pan or similar for mixing bowl.
  • Come up with a list of basic meals pre-departure and make sure you have the basic ingredients.
Food Drawer Stocked!!
Food Drawer Stocked!!
  • Longlife milk and/or powder is great and also long life cream. These can be purchased in small 6 packs as well for less wastage.
  • Washing up bucket can be utilised in your vehicle for storage during the travel.
  • Long-Life fruit and veggies that travel well include potatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes(if padded to avoid bruises)
  • Don’t forget washing and washing up…. a small container of washing up powder and washing up detergent… unfortunately holidays still include household duties of doing the laundry and washing the dishes.To be continued……

Please add your hints below.


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3 thoughts on “Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

  1. Hi S&S,

    Before we departed Brisbane, I stopped purchasing long life milk, and started buying powdered milk because of the space issue, but most importantly, the weight issue. I’ve never been one for going to the shop every day to get fresh milk, hence I started buying UHT milk years ago.

    Not to plug a brand here (and by all means edit as you see fit), I purchased Devondale Skim Milk Powder and we could not tell the difference. I’ve since discovered that Homebrand SMP tastes exactly the same, and when on a budget, those extra dollars you can save eventually add up.

    Love your tips


    1. Thanks Clare. Shaun and I aren’t big milk drinkers at the best of times. So powered is perfect for us too. We do carry a few of the 200ml poppers of milk and cream for quick cooking use or if someone visits for coffee at our campsite 😉

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