8 remote camping spots you should visit today

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Have you been to any of these places?

The Buyers Warehouse

Camping is many different things, to many different people.

To some itโ€™s a welcome break from the city, a chance to immerse yourself in nature and leave your troubles behind. To others itโ€™s enduring a leaky tent, removing leeches from your toes and spending sleepless nights with a rock jammed in your lower back.

If finding somewhere remote with few distractions is your luke-warm-cup-of-tea, then this list should keep you happy, without a Winnebago in sight!


Where on earth is it? I hear you cry! This gem of a campsite on Peel Island in Moreton Bayfeels a million miles from the city. You need to be creative to get there, but if you can commandeer a kayak or boat and make for Horseshoe Bay on the southern side of the island youโ€™re almost certain to have the entire place to yourself.


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