4WD Storage Reno

We are upgrading our 4WD storage unit before our 2015 4×4 Desert Trek.

Our upgrade includes:

  • installing a new MSA 4×4 DS50 drop slide
  • upgrading 12 volt system
  • installing a new water tank with plumbing and fittings

We have roughly six weeks before kick-off and are chipping away at our 4WD reno a bit at a time. The Block and House Rules eat your heart out we are doing a reno 4WD style.

Here are some progress photos:

Check out what it used to look like 

2 thoughts on “4WD Storage Reno

  1. Looking good 🙂 If I had my time over again I’d insist on a drop down fridge slide, it’s all well and good to have the fridge slide out but I still can’t see into it!

    1. Yes. We had a great pull out fridge slide. I use the fridge quite often and are so happy with the upgrade!

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