Funding Your Travels – The Truth

If money was of no consequence you would never see us again.


Well you would see us plastered all over this blog as we travelled the world and in particular our home country of Australia. The day money is no longer required to live is the day we would pack up our life (again) and make the most of the roads less travelled, no questions asked.

However, since first taking off on our big trip maturity seems to have come knocking. We now think about consequences. What will happen when we run out of funds? What will happen when our travelling lifestyle ends? With all that being said to us the experiences of our travels thus far outweigh all materialistic purchases we have ever made combined.

All the articles out there advising how easy and cheap it is to travel are not always telling the whole truth. It all depends on your circumstances, your financial predicaments prior to departure and the type of travelling you undertake. Work is easy to find along the road and we do believe it provides a deeper experience for each location to live and work amongst the community but it’s not always the perfect job or the perfect area.

To get your family on the road you need to plan, plan, plan and save, save, save. The best financial advice we can offer is to travel once you are debt-free. Try to have minimal outgoings as this allows you have maximum outgoings. There are still the essential outgoings such as health insurance, life insurance, vehicle and caravan/camper insurance, mobile phone/internet costs and other important insurances etc. If you have a mortgage try to sustain it by having tenants paying close to your repayment amount if possible.

With a bit of planning and saving you’re on your way to making your dream come true financially.

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2 thoughts on “Funding Your Travels – The Truth

  1. Most travel blogs do indeed make it out to be super easy to find work on the road and manage your finances. What I most worry about, is what happens when you run out or start the next “in between travels” period. How do you plan for the insecurity?

    1. It is a balance. We try and live every opportunity but find when we are in working phase we save, save and save! This gets us from Job A to Job B with travel in between. We always have a security blanket of finances and we never, ever get down to the last dollar. Work-wise we build strong relationships with employers so we can always return.

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