Baby, things change

It has been quiet on the Norris Around front of late.

As I type this morning I am surrounded by not a lot. There is furniture missing, piles of mess and overflowing boxes. There is a move in the pipeline and it is coming up quickly but slowly. We are excited beyond belief! However, there is still quite a lot to organise and still what feels like a lot of time so we are also anxious, overwhelmed and not getting too ahead of ourselves.

Our travels around Australia have been all about change and evolution. How we travel has evolved over time. When we began our travels we set off in a tent and swag and travelled for 6 months without working. From there we bought a camper trailer and began the next few years of working and travelling the Outback! Over the last two years we have based ourselves in one location and began to travel at every opportunity with flexibility and ease. We recently purchased our off-road caravan and it is time for another change.

Our travels have taught us many, many things and one of these is WE LOVE TRAVELLING! We love the freedom, experience new places, meeting new people and we have a deep love of LIFE! We always talk about living a life you love and creating a life that you don’t need to “escape” from and the time has come for us to continue to build that life.

We are about to start living a life we do not need to escape from, a life where we do not NEED a vacation every other week. A life where we still want to travel and still want to explore but a life where we enjoy each and everyday living somewhere we want to.

There will be travels still, day-trips, weekend-warrior stints, holidays and BIG trips. We are evolving. But it is okay because baby, things change!!

Stay tuned for more information our pending SEA-CHANGE.

What is everyone tips for moving?

Ours is don’t keep TOO MUCH STUFF!!!





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    1. Hi Cait, Thank you for stumbling upon us and thank you for the praise. The blog is our little world of adventures and we love sharing when and where we can.

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