Self-Prepping for your BIG trip

We are well-practiced at trip preparation. The vehicle is always primped and preened, our camping supplies are continuously stockpiled but what about us? Are we always ready?

I don’t know about you but there is so much incentive to up the health antics before embarking on an adventure. Obviously, we should try to lead healthy lives consistently but life get’s busy and we forget what we “should” be doing and just get by.

So what do I do before heading out on a trip?

Get EXERCISING – I love bush-walking and exploring by foot when we are off adventuring so I need to be fit. However, here’s my hurdles. I live in the middle of nowhere. No gym. I commute a fair way to work so spend most of the working week either at work or getting there. I study full-time (cue crazy person music) It’s now coming into WINTER. My days are shorter and I get home at night-fall. On the flip-side I have miles of country side to walk and explore but not enough time to do so consistently. I use the Wii-Fit. Our place is small so I don’t really have room for a treadmill or my favourite; the cross-trainer but the Wii-Fit takes up NO ROOM and it tracks my progress. I love the step classes and the yoga! It’s like having your own gym with a cartoon character as your instructor. PERFECT.

Valley of the Winds Walk
Valley of the Winds Walk

DRINK more WATER. I don’t drink enough water. I don’t know why I just don’t some days I forget to even have any at all. I know, I know what am I thinking? I have started to segment my water into portions. I divide the day in four and drink 500 mls in each quarter. It seems more manageable. I add some fresh lime juice to give some extra taste if I’m struggling and go for some carbonated water after dark 😉 to spice things up. I have cut out soft-drink all together and NO sugar-free alternatives. I don’t feel as lethargic and it sure “flushes” out the system. My kidneys will thank me!

EAT carefully. In normal life I try to follow the 80/20 good food 80% of the time while allowing “bad” food 20% of the time. However, lines do become blurred and 20% turns to 30%, 30% – 40% and well you get the point. So at the moment I’m resetting. No SUGAR and limited processed foods. I am trying to go for whole foods where-ever possible. I am lucky because we live in the middle of no-where, I have to cook so I’m responsible if it’s a healthy meal or an unhealthy one.

Groceries in the Outback
Groceries in the Outback

What do you do to self-prep before a BIG adventure?


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2 thoughts on “Self-Prepping for your BIG trip

  1. Like you I try to live a healthy life style but sometimes day to day routines get in the way and provide me with the excuse I seem to be looking for. As our summer is coming to an end here in Canada it is time for me to pour more water into my glass and less wine. Cut up more veggies and close the chip bag. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes, I agree we do let life get in the way. Shaun and I are completing Sugar-Free September coinciding with the start of our Aussie Spring. We started this week, so are a bit early but no-time like the present…

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