Self-Prepping for your BIG trip

We are well-practiced at trip preparation. The vehicle is always primped and preened, our camping supplies are continuously stockpiled but what about us? Are we always ready? I don’t know about you but there is so much incentive to up the health antics before embarking on an adventure. Obviously, we should try to lead healthy lives consistently but life get’sContinue reading “Self-Prepping for your BIG trip”

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Fructose Is My Frenemy

My mind loves fructose but my body hates me for it. Tomorrow I embark on my sugarless existence. I go into this with no expectations other than a healthy outcome. If not I am not locked into anything and I can bring back the sugar but will I need to ???? I am completely kickingContinue reading “Fructose Is My Frenemy”

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My Life Without Sugar

I don’t know what I am searching for but as I mature as a person I am seeking ways to improve my quality of life. I am happily married, living a life of full of unique experiences while travelling. I really do have a wonderful life. The only thing that disrupts this contentment is health. IContinue reading “My Life Without Sugar”

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